Scientific Program > New directions in alloy and process development I: additive manufacturing

6 - New directions in alloy and process development I: additive manufacturing

6a - Processing I

Invited - In Situ Characterization of Hot Cracking Using Dynamic X-ray Radiography

Kouraytem Nadia, Tang Guannan, Chiang Po-Ju, Jiang Runbo, Cunningham Ross, Parab Niranjan, Zhao Cang, Fezzaa Kamel, Sun Tao, Rollett Anthony   

Structural Aluminum alloy processed by Laser Beam Melting  : a fundamental understanding of hot cracking.

Sonawane Akash, Roux Guilhem, Martin Guilhem, Blandin Jean-Jacques   

A comprehensive approach to the parameter optimization in laser powder bed fusion   of AlSi10Mg alloy: unraveling the unequivocal influence of microstructural evolution

Salandari Rabori Adib, Wang Pusong, Dong Qingshan, Fallah Vahid   

Lifetime assessment of the process-dependent material properties of additive manufactured AlSi10Mg under low-cycle fatigue loading

Fischer Carl, Schweizer Christoph   

Phase-Field Simulations of Coarsening Kinetics of Si Precipitates in AlSi10Mg Processed by Selective Laser Melting

Delahaye Jocelyn, Vertruyen Benedicte, Mertens Anne, Habraken Anne Marie   

Quantification of spatters ejection during LBM process for AlSi7Mg and AlSi10Mg alloys using in-situ image analysis

Chebil Gwenaelle, Schneider Matthieu, Davoine Cecile, Thomas Marc, Favier Veronique   

6b - Processing II

Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing with TiC-Nanoparticle Reinforced AA5183 Alloy

Langelandsvik Geir, Ragnvaldsen Olav, Akselsen Odd M., Roven Hans J.   

Effect of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing   processing parameters on microstructure and porosity in a 5000 Al alloy

Limousin Maxime, Guilhem Martin, Vignat Frederic, Blandin Jean-Jacques, Robert Pascal, Lhuissier Pierre    

Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing of Aluminium lithium

Eimer Eloise, Kennedy Jacob, Fellowes Jon, Ding Jialuo, Williams Stewart   

Pulse Laser Powder Bed Fusion of High Strength Aluminum Alloys

Li Zhen, Brochu Mathieu   

Processing window for laser metal deposition of Al 7075 powder with minimized defects

Benoit Michael, Sun Shi, Brandt Milan, Easton Mark   

Elucidation of change in microstructures and properties of laser powder bed fused Al-12Si alloy with laser conditions

Miyasaka Tatsuya, Suzuki Asuka, Takata Naoki, Kobashi Makoto, Wakameda Hiroshi, Nomoto Sukeharu, Shimono Yusuke   

6c - Alloy design for AM I

Invited - Microstructure and mechanical properties of novel high-strength aluminium alloys fabricated by laser additive manufacturing

Leinenbach Christian   

Single track scanning experiment on the hypereutectic aluminum alloy Al-8%Zn-7%Ni-3%Mg

Shurkin Pavel, Akopyan Torgom, Prosviryakov Alexey, Komissarov Alexander, Korotkova Natalia   

Modified Aluminium Powders for LBM process

Opprecht Mathieu, Roux Guilhem, Garandet Jean-Paul, Soulier Mathieu, Lomello Fernando   

Laser and large area electron beam remelting of an Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloy

Hogg Simon, Voisey Katy, Liotti Enzo, Grant Patrick   

6d - Alloy design for AM II

First insight in the development by SLM of healable aluminium alloys

Gheysen Julie, Marteleur Matthieu, Van Der Rest Camille, Pyka Grzegorz, Simar Aude   

Mimicking rapid melting and solidification in additive manufacturing by Differential Fast Scanning Calorimetry

Yang Bin, Milkereit Benjamin, Schick Christoph, Kessler Olaf     

Modification of an Al-alloy for powder-bed laser AM

Genc Melek, Eloi Pierre, Donnadieu Patricia, Blandin Jean-Jacques, Martin Guilhem, De Geuser Frederic, Renou Gilles, Pascal Celine, Desrayaud Christophe   

Development of Al-Ti based alloys for additive manufacturing

Roscher Moritz, Jagle Eric, Raabe Dierk   


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