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5 - Casting & solidification, recycling, fundamentals of additive manufacturing

5a - Ultrasonic processing in casting

Invited - Ultrasonic processing of aluminium alloys above the liquidus: the role of Zr

Eskin Dmitry     

A Study On Indirect Ultrasonic Treatment of Al-Si Alloy

Akkaya Muharrem, Asahin Mehmet, Ozgur collu, Durlu Nuri, Ozer Mehmet, Tasciogluu Yiayit   

Modification of intermetallic compounds in molten aluminum through ultrasonic irradiation

Komarov Sergey, Yamamoto Takuya   

Effect of ultrasonic melt treatment on the sump profile and microstructure of a direct-chill cast AA6008 aluminium alloy

Subroto Tungky, Lebon Gerard Serge Bruno, Eskin Dmitry, Skalicky Ivan, Roberts Dan, Tzanakis Iakovos, Pericleous Koulis   

Numerical simulation of indirect ultrasonic molding process

Asahin Mehmet, Akkaya Muharrem, Ozgur Collu, Ozer Mehmet, Durlu Nuri, Tascioglu Yiayiit   

5b - Recycling and eco-design by twin roll casting

Application of Vertcal-Type High-Speed Twin-Roll Casting to Up-Grade Recycling of Al-Si-Mg Alloys for Environmental Protection

Kumai Shinji, Goda Tomoo   

Effect of increasing rolling-reduction rate on suppression of elongation anisotropy in cold-rolled and annealed Al-7%Si alloy strip fabricated by vertical-type tandem high-speed twin-roll casting

Harada Yohei, Shinohara Hiroki, Goda Tomoo, Kumai Shinji   

Microstructure and mechanical properties of high-manganese-containing high-speed twin-roll cast Al-Mn-Si alloy strips and their cold-rolled sheets

Nguyen T. Ha, Song Ram, Harada Yohei, Muraishi Shinji, Kumai Shinji, Maruno Shun, Yoshino Michihide, Iwao Shohei   

5c - Visualisation of solidification / flow effects in casting

Invited - In situ X-radiography: a powerful tool for the study of metal alloys solidification

Nguyen-Thi Henri, Reinhart Guillaume   

Stability in liquid metal flows during the continuous casting process

Kumar Abhishek, Potherat Alban   

CFD Analysis of Mechanisms Underlying the Porosity-reducing Effect of Atomized Flows in High-pressure Die Cast Products

Koya Eitaro, Nakagawa Masahiko, Kitagawa Shinya, Ishimoto Jun, Nakano Yoshikatsu, Ochiai Naoya   

Interactions between grain refiner and inclusions

Yang Jiawei, Bao Sarina, Akhtar Shahid, Li Yanjun   

5d - Grain refinement & mould casting

Invited - Revealing the heterogeneous nucleation and growth kinetics of grains in inoculated aluminium alloys

Xu Yijiang, Mathiesen Ragnvald, Li Yanjun   

Industrial semisolid casting process for secondary Aluminium alloys for decarbonizing lightweight parts in automotive sector

D'errico Fabrizio, Casari Daniele, Alemani Mattia, Perricone Guido, Tosto Mauro   

Low Pressure Casting of Aluminium AlSi7Mg03   in Sand and Permanent Mold

Chiesa Franco, Duchesne Bernard, Marin Gheorghe   

Influence of Si content on the castability of Al-Mg-Si based cast alloys

Abdul Wahid Shah, Ha Seong-Ho, Kim Bong-Hwan, Yoon Young-Ok, Lim Hyun-Kyu, Kim Shae K.     

5e - Interfaces & compound casting

Invited - Role of L12 Modified  3Ti Intermetallic Compounds on Heterogeneous Nucleation of Alpha-Al Grains

Watanabe Yoshimi   

Microstructures and textures in solidified braze clad layers

Hagstrom Joacim, Hutchinson Bevis, Oskarsson Anders, Stenqvist Torkel   

Interfacial microstructure formation in A356/steel compound castings using metal coating

Bakke Aina Opsal, Nordmark Arne, Arnberg Lars, Li Yanjun   

Strip casting using a roll caster equipped with a scraper

Haga Toshio   

Wettability Evaluation of Carbon Fiber by Molten Al-Ti Alloy Using Dipping Method

Ishiguro Renkichi, Suzuki Asuka, Takata Naoki, Kobashi Makoto   


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