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3 - Durability: fatigue, fracture, corrosion & surface treatments

3a - Environment Assisted Cracking I

Invited - Comparison of the Environmental Cracking Performance of New Generation Thick Plate 7000-T7x series Alloys during Accelerated Testing in Humid Air

Prangnell Phil, Schwarzenbock Elisabeth, Garner Alistair, Ollivier Eric, Cassell Alexander, et al.

Stress corrosion cracking of 7xxx aluminium alloys in high humidity environments: propagation mechanisms and testing methods

Warner Timothy, Smith Paul, Whelchel Ricky   

Assessment of hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of an Al-Cu-Mg alloy in humid air

Manaka Toshiaki, Suzuki Takahiro, Hiyama Keisuke, Kobayashi Junya, Kuramoto Shigeru, Itoh Goroh   

Modelling Hydrogen Enhanced Decohesion using Density Functional Theory

Benjamin Wilson   

Effect of low temperature aging on mechanical properties and microstructure in 2219 aluminum alloy

Ishii Yuki, Kobayashi Junya, Kuramoto Shigeru, Itoh Goroh   

3b - Environment Assisted Cracking II

Effect of test environment on work hardening behavior of Cu-free Al-Zn-Mg alloy

Agrawal Rahul Kumar, Raja V. S.   

Influence of humidity, temperature and frequency on fatigue life of 7175 T7351 aluminum alloy

Saanouni Sarah, Henaff Gilbert, Benoit Guillaume, Billaudeau Thomas, De Araujo Manuel   

Quantifying plasticity occurring during hydrogen induced intergranular fracture with a micro-traction experiment.

Stermann Leonel, Vanel Loic, Tanguy Dome   

Characterization of the Effective Hydrogen Diffusion in Overaged 7xxx Series Aluminum Alloys with a modified Devanathan-Stachurski Permeation Method

Beyss Oliver, Zander Daniela   

In-situ SKPFM Study of 2024-T351 Intergranular Corrosion under the Coupling Condition of Hydrogen Permeation and Stress Loading

He Qiyao, Jiang Jiantang, Wang Xiaoya, Zhen Liang   

3c - Mechanics

Invited - Microstructure heterogeneity dominated ductile fracture of 6xxx aluminium alloys

Hannard Florent, Morgeneyer Thilo F., Maire Eric, Simar Aude, Pardoen Thomas   

Application of high-resolution X-ray tomography to hydrogen embrittlement in aluminium

Toda Hiroyuki, Hirayama Kyosuke, Shimizu Kazuyuki, Uesugi Kentaro, Takeuchi Akihisa   

Ultrafine versus coarse grained Al 5083 alloys: from low-cycle to very-high-cycle fatigue

Doquet Veronique, Meng Li, Goyal Anchal, Ranc Nicolas, Couzinie Jean-Philippe   

Ultrasound induced fragmentation of primary Al3Zr crystals

Priyadarshi Abhinav, Subroto Tungky, Conte Marcello, Prentice Paul, Pericleous Koulis, Eskin Dmitry  , Durodola John, Tzanakis Iakovos     

In situ observation of damage evolution in alloy sheet materials via synchrotron micro- and nanolaminography

Helfen Lukas, Morgeneyer Thilo, Hurst Mathias, Shkarin Andrei, Kong Xiang, Buljac Ante, Hild François, Suhonen Heikki, Suuronen Jussi-Petteri, Baumbach Tilo     

Characterizing and modelling L-S crack deviation in aluminium alloys

Nizery Erembert, Ehrstrom Jean-Christophe   

Influence of Fragilizing Elements on Creep Behavior of Aluminium Cast Alloys

Maksoud Louis, Kieffel Yannick   

3d - Micromechanisms

Multifunctional aluminium surfaces & Laser-structured micropatterns with ice-repellent, superhydrophobic and easy-to-clean properties

Milles Stephan, Soldera Marcos, Lasagni Andres   

Influence of equal-channel angular pressing on the ageing response and corrosion behaviour of a 6xxx aluminium alloy for automotive conductors

Rochet Clement, Causse Nicolas, Lowe Terry, Arfaei Babak, Laurino Adrien, Harouard Jean-Paul, Andrieu Eric, Blanc Christine   

Formation Mechanism of Strip Defects in Anodizing AA5252 Aluminium Alloy Sheets

Gao Chong, Zhao Pizhi, Jiang Zhongyu, Liu Zhenshan, Huang Ruiyin, Wu Yongfu, Yu Kangcai     

In situ microscopic observation of pit initiation and repassivation of AA1050 aluminum under open circuit conditions

Kakinuma Hiroshi, Muto Izumi, Oya Yoshiyuki, Momii Takahiro, Sugawara Yu, Hara Nobuyoshi   

Comparison of long-term natural aging to artificial aging in Duralumin.

Brunet Magali, Malard Benoit, Ratel-Ramond Nicolas, Deshayes Christophe, Warot-Fonrose Benedicte, Sciau Philippe, Douin Joel   

3e - Corrosion

Microstructure Development in Al-Mg-Mn-Sc Alloys

Li Jingxiao, Shi Jie, Qiu Youcai, Guo Qiang, Yang Xiaofang, Sanders Robert   

Corrosion behaviour of 2024-T3 and 2024-T351 aluminium alloys coated with trivalent chromium conversion coatings

Blanc Christine, Saillard Romain, Verdalet-Guardiola Xavier, Fori Benoit, Duluard Sandrine   

Effect of Cu and Mg on the corrosion behavior of 4004/Al-Mn-Cu-Mg-Si/4004 aluminum alloy brazing sheet

Jin Xiaojie, Zhao Pizhi, Guo Shijie, Zhang Wenjing, Han Nianmei, Wang Guojun, Zhang Yunlong   

Effect of pre-aging deformation on the intergranular corrosion resistance of 6000 series aluminium alloys

Lunder Otto, Gronvold Julie, Marioara Calin, Wenner Sigurd, Furu Trond   

Post corrosion tensile strength and failure of dissimilar friction stir welded aluminium alloys

Raturi Madhav, Bhattacharya Anirban   

The improved corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of Al-Mg-Si by the addition of TiC nanoparticles

Zhao Qinglong, Geng Run, Jiang Qichuan   


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