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2 - Strength, plastic deformation & formability

2a - Strain hardening and softening - strain rate sensitivity

Invited - Transient Strain Age Hardening in Al-Mg and Al-Mg-Cu Alloys

Medrano Sebastian, Zhao Huan, De Geuser Frederic, Gault Baptiste, Sinclair Chad

Influence of composition and pre-ageing on the mechanical properties in naturally aged AA6xxx series alloys

Langille Michael, Deschamps Alexis, De Geuser Frederic, Diak Bradley, Guiglionda Gilles

Experimental characterization and modelling of the PLC effect at a wide range of strain rates and temperatures in an AlMg alloy

Xu Jianbin, Holmedal Bjorn, Hopperstad Odd, Marthinsen Knut

Impurity effects on work softening of Al-Fe alloys

Hara Toshihiro, Daisuke Egusa, Mihara Mami, Tanaka Hiroki, Onuma Ikuo, Abe Eiji

The microstructural design of superplastic aluminum based alloys with eutectic component

Mikhaylovskaya Anastasia, Kotov Anton, Pozdniakov Andrey, Kishchik Anna, Barkov Ruslan, Amer Said

2b - Deformation & damage

Invited - Strain and damage interactions under plane strain conditions: 3D in situ measurements for different microstructures

Morgeneyer Thilo, Buljac Ante, Kong Xiang, Helfen Lukas, Hild François

Damage mechanisms in an aluminium-silicon alloy with a controlled defect

Dos Santos Alexis, Limodin Nathalie, Witz Jean-François, Tandjaoui Amina, El Bartali Ahmed, et al.

Fine tuning of 6XXX alloys

Wimmer Alexander

Direct measurement of internal stress of particle in Al-Si alloy using fine beam XRD

Hirayama Kyosuke, Sek Yiyin, Toda Hiroyuki, Uesugi Masayuki, Takeuchi Akihisa

Effect of processing parameters on the formability of recycle friendly AA5754 alloy

Das Sazol, Heyen Matthew, Ho John, Son Changook

Ductile damage study for load path changes under low stress triaxiality via 3D synchrotron imaging and FE simulations

Kong Xiang, Helfen Lukas, Missoum Djamel, Besson Jacques, Hurst Matthias, et al.

Effect of quench parameters on microstructural features and related deformation properties

Barbier David, Masse Jean-Philippe, Wang He-Qin, Dodge Phil, Freiberg Daniel, et al.

Ductile failure of isotropic and anisotropic 6000-series aluminium alloys: effect of constituent particles

Tomstad Asle Joachim, Thomesen Susanne, Borvik Tore, Hopperstad Odd Sture

2c - Processing of 7000 series alloys  for new applications

Improved paint bake response of Al-Mg-Zn alloys

Stemper Lukas, Tunes Matheus, Tosone Ramona, Uggowitzer Peter, Pogatscher Stefan    

A New Approach to Implement High Strength 7075 Aluminum for Automotive Application

Wu Cedric, Yuan Yudie, Kamat Rajeev    

Improvement in stiffness of Al-Zn-Cu alloy by dispersion of precipitates formed during aging treatment

Iwaoka Hideaki, Kasama Ryota, Umeda Yuto, Tang Yongpeng, Hirosawa Shoichi    

Taylor-made high-performance AA7xxx for extrusion

Arnoldt Aurel, Schiffl Andreas, Oesterreicher Johannes, Hoeppel Heinz Werner    

Microstructural Stability and Paint Bake Response of Pre-aged AA7075

Ma Ziyu, Robson Joseph, Quinta Da Fonseca Joao, Barbier David    

Tensile properties and hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of severe cold-rolled Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys

Yokota Shinsuke, Kobayashi Junya, Kuramoto Shigeru, Itoh Goroh    

2d - Precipitation strengthening

Invited - Dynamic Precipitation in Aluminium alloys

Hutchinson Christopher 

The influence of trace element additions to high-purity Al-1.7 at.% Cu alloys: The role of quenched-in vacancies

Staab Torsten 

Phenomenological mechanical material model for precipitation hardening aluminium alloys

Froeck Hannes 

Modelling Age Hardening of Aluminium Alloys with Consideration of Quench Sensitivity

Guo Zhanli 

Effects of Pre-strain on the Precipitation Process of Al-Mg-Cu Alloy

Chen Xuanliang 

Relationship between mechanical properties and age-hardening behavior around grain boundaries of Al-Mg-Si alloy

Hashimoto Takuya 

Concurrent improvement in strength and stiffness of Al-Cu-Ag alloys by aging treatments

Toyoshima Takaakira 

2e - Processing of 6000 series alloys & related microstructures

Invited - ICME approach to processing of 6xxx automotive extrusions

Poole Warren   

Linking of Cellular Automaton for simulating grain growth to metal extrusion simulation

Kronsteiner Johannes, Jaeger Stephan, Blacher David, Pruckner Bernhard   

Microstructure and properties of low resistivity Aluminium alloys

Taieb Amelie, Lefebvre Williams   

Improvement in the Mechanical Properties of Al-Si-Cu-Mg  Alloys by Deformation-Semisolid Extrusion Process

Kim Daehan, Kim Jaehwang, Kobayashi Equo   

Evolution of microstructure and elevated-temperature properties during hot rolling and post-rolling annealing process in Al-Mg-Si 6082 alloys

Liu Kun, Li Chen, Chen X-Grant   

Study on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Si-Cu Aluminum Alloys with high ductility

Xue Guanxia, Zhong Gu, Lin Shipeng, Li Hu-Tian, Xinghui Gui, Zhang Lei     


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