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1 - Phase transformations

1a - Early stages of precipitation

Invited - Precipitation and clustering in age hardenable Al alloys

Holmestad Randi, Marioara Calin, Wenner Sigurd, Friis Jesper, Andersen Sigmund

Influence of quench rate on multi-stage ageing of AA6014 alloy

Yang Zi, Jiang Xiaohe, Zhang Xingpu, Liu Meng, Liang Zeqin, Leyvraz David, Banhart John

Modelling of clustering in 6xxx aluminium alloys

Friis Jesper, Gouttebroze Sylvain, Nygard Oystein, Ringdalen Inga

Clustering in quenched Al, Al-Mg, Al-Si and Al-Mg-Si alloys investigated by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy

Guo Qianning, Liu Meng, Zhang Xingpu, Wuestenhagen Manuel, Cisek Jakub, Banhart John

Effect of minor alloying elements (Ag, Mg, Zn) and temperature on natural ageing kinetics of Al-Cu-Li alloys

Bellavoine Marion, Mas Fanny, De Geuser Frederic, Deschamps Alexis

Modelling the Cu-containing Metastable Phases in the Al-Mg-Si System

Tang Kai

Stable phases of MgZn and AlZn binaries

Alidoust Mohammad, Kleiven David, Akola Jaakko

Microstructure observation of Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg casting alloy demolded at various temperatures

Muro Keigo, Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Saikawa Seiji, Ikeno Susumu, Matsuda Kenji

1b - Phase equilibria and transformation kinetics

Invited - Modelling precipitation of non-spherical precipitates

Holmedal Bjorn

Dynamic Precipitation in Aluminium Alloys under Warm Conditions

Robson Joseph, Ma Ziyu

Modelling precipitation sequence in an Al-Mg-Si alloy with Si excess

Perez Michel, Meyruey Gwenaelle, Massardier-Jourdan Veronique

Grain boundary microstructure and microchemistry prediction in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys

Shanthraj Pratheek, Liu Chuanlai, Yao Yichao, Zhao Huan, Garner Alistair, Gault Baptiste, Prangnell Phil, Raabe Dierk

Quench sensitivity of AlSi7Mg high pressure vacuum die castings

Liu Mengyun, Zhang Zhan, Breton Francis, Chen X-Grant

TEM observation of cold rolled Al-2.5Li(-2.0Cu) alloys with aging treatment

Hasegawa Yosuke, Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Saikawa Seiji, Matsuda Kenji, Ikeno Susumu

Microstructure observation of cold rolled Al-Mg-Ge alloy with aging treatment

Wakui Takuto, Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Matsuda Kenji, Ikeno Susumu

Effect of excess Si content on age-hardening behaviour in Al-0.5mol%Mg2Si cast alloy

Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Saikawa Seiji, Ikeno Susumu, Matsuda Kenji

Recent advances in physical metallurgy modeling at Constellium

Bellavoine Marion, Mas Fanny , Sigli Christophe

1c - Microstructure design - Alloying and heat treatments I

Invited - Atom probe tomography for studying the interplay of segregation and phase transformations

Gault Baptiste, Kwiatkowski Da Silva Alisson, Zhao Huan, Ponge Dirk, Raabe Dierk

Effect of Si on the precipitation of L12 dispersoid in Al-(Si)-Sc-Zr alloys

Dorin Thomas, Jiang Lu, Babaniaris Steven, Langan Timothy, Robson Joseph

Investigation on the quench sensitivity of AlZn6Mg0.75

Rowolt Christian, Milkereit Benjamin, Mihara-Narita Mami, Yoshida Hideo, Yamashita Kenya, Kessler Olaf

Electrical resistivity measurements as a method for microstructure and tensile properties evaluation of AA2024

Esin Vladimir, Briez Louise , Koster Alain, Pachoutinsky Matthieu, Gratiot Eric, Crepin Jerome

Modified aging treatment for enhanced strength and ductility in Al-Mg-Si alloys

Schmid Florian, Uggowitzer Peter, Tosone Ramona, Pogatscher Stefan

Analysis of the precipitation hardening kinetics during single or multi-step artificial aging of AA7xxx alloys

Baghbanaghaie Negar, Abolhasani Atekeh, Esmaeili Shahrzad, Worswick Michael

Effect of Li addition on the precipitation and hardening behavior of Al-Mg-Si alloys

Hirao Koki, Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Saikawa Seiji, Matsuda Kenji, Ikeno Susumu

Effect of cooling rate on precipitation during homogenization cooling in balanced Al-Mg2Si alloy

Qin Shuaishuai, Tsuchiya Taiki, Lee Seungwon, Matsuda Kenji

Effect of deformation on age hardening of Al-Cu-Mg alloy with different Cu/Mg ratio

Lee Seungwon, Matsumoto Masaki, Tsuchiya Taiki, Ikeno Susumu, Matsuda Kenji

1d - Microstructure design - Alloying and heat treatments II

Invited - Structure Evolution in Al-7 wt.% REM and Al-0.6 wt% Zr(Fe,Si) Wire Alloys Manufactured by Electromagnetic Casting

Belov Nikolay, Korotkova Natalia, Imofeev Viktor

Formation of various intermetallic phases during solidification in Al-Mg 5xxx alloys with various Mg levels

Algendy Ahmed, Liu Kun, Chen X-Grant

Influence of transition elements (V, Zr and Mo) and cooling rate on the precipitation of dispersoids in Al-7Si-0.6Cu-0.35Mg foundry alloy

Li Dong, Liu Kun, Chen X-Grant

New Al-Ca-La(-Ni, Mn) eutectic alloys for casting and selective laser melting

Akopyan Torgom, Belov Nikolay

Comparative study of the precipitation responsible for the hardening of the first duralumin type alloys

Ouissi Toufa, Sebastien Joulie, Sciau Philippe, Brunet Magali

Effect of ceramic particles on precipitation in an Al-Mg-Si with silicon excess during ageing

Meyruey Gwenaelle, Massardier Veronique, Perez Michel

Combinatorial study of composition-dependent precipitation in 6000 series Aluminium alloys

Taurines Justine, Boulnat Xavier, Perez Michel, Dezellus Olivier, Deschamps Alexis

Effect of cooling rate immediately after solution treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties in JIS AC4CH aluminum alloy

Saruwatari Naohiro, Koike Sumiya, Nakayama Yoshihiro, Sekiya Eiji

1e - Microstructure design - Relation to properties

Aluminum Matrix Composites based on Al-Ca-Fe-Si sistem

Naumova Evgeniya, Belov Nikolay

Role of solute atoms on softening behavior of 3104 cold rolled can body sheets under paint baking condition

Kudo Tomoyuki, Yoshida Hideo, Tanaka Hiroki

Influence of the fine microstructure on the mechanical properties of an Al-Si-Mg elaborated by Laser Beam Melting

Bello Nicolas, Galy Cassiopee, Larignon Celine, Perusin Simon, Douin Joel

Mechanical strength and thermodynamic stability of grain boundaries from first principles

Mahjoub Reza, Ferry Michael, Stanford Nikki

Effect of Precipitates on Dislocation Multiplication during Tensile Deformation in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys

Hirata Masahiro, Koichi Iwata, Adachi Hiroki

Aging behavior of hydrogen charged and aged Al-Zn-Mg(-Cu) alloys containing low Zn/Mg ratio

Kengo Takamoto, Bendo Artenis, Tsuchiya Taiki, Seungwon Lee, Matsuda Kenji, et al.

Investigation of microstructure in 7N01 aluminum alloys microalloyed with Er and Zr after different homogenization

Zhao Peihao, Wu Xiaolan, Gao Kunyuan, Huang Hui, Wen Shengping, Nie Zuoren

Microstructure observation of TM added Al-Mg-Si alloys in two-step aging

Amano Masaki, Taiki Tsuchiya, Seungwon Lee, Susumu Ikeno, Kenji Matsuda


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