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The technical program of the 17th ICAA virtual conference covers 4 days, from Monday, October 26th to Thursday, October 29th. A (subject to change) version of the schedule can be seen below.

Each conference day will be composed of a plenary session from 12:55 to 14:20 which will be synchronous, i.e. the diffusion of the talks will start at the scheduled time, and the participants are expected to be connected synchronously to be able to interact (by chat).

From 14:30 to 16:30, there will be parallel sessions of live questions and discussions, which will be related to the video presentations that will be available to view one week in advance. Each participant is free to view the video presentations of interest in their own time.

The times are Grenoble time.

Schedule at a glance

The scientific symposia have been split into thematic sub-sessions which details you can find below by clicking on each symposium name.

  1. Phase transformations
  2. Strength, plastic deformation & formability
  3. Durability: fatigue, fracture, corrosion & surface treatments
  4. Thermomechanical processing, texture & recrystallization
  5. Casting & solidification, recycling, fundamentals of additive manufacturing
  6. New directions in alloy and process development I: additive manufacturing
  7. New directions in alloy and process development II: joining, severe plastic deformation, emerging processes
  8. Advanced characterization
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